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We Are Specialists in Auto Glass Repairs

No matter what the condition of your glass is, from a crack to a seriously damaged product.

We can help, change your glass or window and get you going within hours.

We Provide Quality Work at Good Prices.
Mobile Services Available.

We repair small crack in the windshield that can get worse.

Small Windshield Cracks

It’s generally not dangerous to drive with a small crack in the windshield, but things can get worse very fast and turn into a problematic and dangerous situation. Don’t risk it! There are two important reasons for going ahead and replacing your cracked or broken glass:

  • Windshields weakened by damage provide less protection.
  • Cracked windshields decrease visibility.
Windshields installation by experts from Auto Glass Doctor.

About Windshields

Windshields are specially designed to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers even if extreme impact causes them to chip, crack or shatter. They have two layers of glass laminated together. If one layer of glass breaks, the laminate and the inside layer of glass hold the windshield together, keeping pieces of glass from injuring occupants of the car or falling on the road.

We Have Years of Experience

dealing with all kinds of situations when it comes to broken glass. We work with all types of models, foreign and domestic.

We are specialists in Mercedes Benz, BMW Range Rover, Audi, Lexus, and more!

Driving with a Broken Windshield Should Also Be Avoided

whenever the damaged glass impairs the vision of the driver.

Don’t wait! Come and visit us

We have bilingual services and discounts for war veterans and members of AAA. 

Man working on a car windshield installation.

About Auto Glass Doctor Las Vegas

We are a family business, loyal to our customers and a shop that can guarantee its work. We have 9 years of experience servicing all kinds of cars in the Las Vegas area. Our goal is to hire more employees and grow to be one of the best auto glass shops in the state of Nevada.

Best Auto Glass Services in Las Vegas!

If Your Window or Glass is Broken, Come to Us.

 We offer a wide variety of auto glass services for all makes and models.

Installation of back and side glass of any car.

Back and Side Glass

Not only do we take care of the frontal glass on your car, if your side or back windows are broken, we have good prices for you.

We can repair your windshield to make it safe for you and your family.

Windshield Repair

Replacing your glass is not the only solution. We can fix it if the chip or crack is 6 inches or smaller, you have three chips or less and the damage is not in front of a camera or sensor.

Windshield replacement in no time for you.

Windshield Replacement

We have affordable prices and many options for your replacement if the glass can’t be fixed.

We replace and fix mirrors no matter the model domestic and imports.


We replace and fix mirrors, no matter the model, domestic and imports.

Car window trim.

Car Window Trim

Ask us about this option.

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